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  • Lenovo Expands Portfolio of Smart Collaboration Solutions with New Standalone ThinkSmart View Plus

    On 31 Jan 2023
    ThinkSmart View Plus — As the way people work continues to evolve, it is vital to stay connected and engaged, regardless of how and where they work. The innovative ThinkSmart View Plus running Microsoft Teams display is a solution that enables hybrid work by increasing productivity, flexibility, and collaboration through its personal and hotdesking experiences.
  • Three ways to simplify management of hybrid collaboration devices

    On 06 Mar 2023
    Let’s take a look at three ways IT teams can simplify the support of hybrid collaboration solutions in a remote/hybrid enterprise setting.
  • Lenovo Smart Collaboration

    On 06 Mar 2023
    Smart Collaboration helps bring teams together across offices and around the world. With the right technology, Lenovo Smart Collaboration helps to boost productivity, wherever work happens.
  • Lenovo ThinkSmart One Unboxing

    On 06 Mar 2023
    Lenovo ThinkSmart One – the world’s first Windows 10 IoT Enterprise integrated collaboration bar – brings premium audio, camera, and compute in a compact form factor. Purpose-built to anticipate a continued growth of hybrid meeting spaces, ThinkSmart One connects teams with an ideal front-of-room design. See from our experts what makes the ThinkSmart One a great choice for small to medium meeting rooms.
  • Google Meet One Room Kits

    On 07 Mar 2023
    Meeting Room Kits exclusively for Google Meet that put people first.
  • PRESS RELEASE: Starin announces agreement with Lenovo

    On 06 Oct 2022
    Starin is pleased to announce a distribution relationship with Lenovo, a worldwide leader in business solutions, for their ThinkSmart suite of collaboration products.
  • Genius full-room bundles with Lenovo, Inogeni, LG and Kramer

    On 15 Aug 2023
    Together, Lenovo and INOGENI, offer a seamless video conference experience where all attendees are captivated and productive. Lenovo Core Kits make it easy to incorporate smarter collaboration technology into meeting rooms of all sizes, while INOGENI’s TOGGLE BYOD USB AV switcher grants anyone in that meeting room access to high-quality USB devices. Match that with Kramer VP-429H2 Automatic Video Switcher/Scaler, and the LG 55" UR640S Series 4K UHD Commercial Signage TV, and you've got a genius full-room bundle!
  • Google Meet Lenovo Series One Room Kits

    On 28 Nov 2023
    For organizations that depend on G Suite and Google Meet to keep ideas and communication flowing, Lenovo and Google offer a turnkey, best-in-class solution that makes outfitting collaboration spaces fast, easy, and cost-efficient.