Starin is the market leader in the distribution of Unified Communications and Video Collaboration (UC/VC) solutions and specialty education products.  Our experience, our partnerships, and our adaptations to market demands are the focus of our Company and our mission. At the end of the day, in any position or department, we are fundamentally helping people around the world communicate and collaborate better. With the experience we provide and the technology we support, we help our partners discover the best performance and value propositions for their businesses. 

Value is more than just a promotion or a price point. It is the combined experience of our specialists and focus that enables our customers to grow, adapt, and be more profitable. By utilizing our specialty, our customers and vendors can be more effective, more efficient, and faster.

“Care more. Be better. This is precisely the focus that Starin has transitioned to from top to bottom.” Said Bobby Swartz, CEO of Starin. “We can always be better, and we will strive to do that, it is about constant improvement, and listening to our valued partners. That is the promise I make to our employees, our customers, and our manufacturers. Tell us how we can improve, and we will put in the work to make that effective change - not just a short-term patch, but for long term success.”
Starin is the leader in UC and EDU, with the most complete product portfolio for these growing markets. Having all the options and focus, allows Starin to serve its customers by having options during supply chain limitations, and the technical expertise to help find solutions on time sensitive projects. The growth of the channel is our passion. 

Come and experience the new Starin for your next project.

Starin will continue to pioneer the leadership role in this fast-paced and ever evolving communications market with our key partners, while expanding our reach and the mar-kets we serve. We take a vested interest in our partners’ success and care about their final outcomes and will be known as the Company and people that go the extra mile to make sure it is done right, every time.

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