Starin Customer Return Policy

Starin Customer Return Policy

  1. Starin Marketing will accept the return of an approved RMA, mis-shipments, defective merchandise, or warranty service items according to the following terms and conditions. 
  2. All returns must be packed in an outer carton, in addition to the original box, and properly packaged to arrive safely at the location designated on the return authorization form issued by Starin Marketing's return department.
  3. An RMA#, model, and quantity must be referenced on the outer shipping box. The safe return of product is the sole responsibility of the individual or business returning the product to Starin Marketing. Product not outer boxed, or damaged in shipping due to improper packaging may be subject to rejection. As a wholesaler, Starin Marketing cannot accept anything less than "A-stock" product for credit (except product received dead on arrival). Product in which the original boxes are missing, have been opened, mutilated, written on, or otherwise defaced will be rejected. 
  4. To request an RMA, please visit the portal for the brand of the product in need of return. To view returns in progress, click here
  5. A Return Authorization is valid for 30 days from issuance. Returned product will not be accepted without Return Authorization. 
  6. A Return Authorization does not guarantee final disposition. All returns are subject to final inspection and testing and may also be subject to the return policy of the original manufacturer.


Shipping Discrepancies/Damage

  1. Starin Marketing customers shall examine each shipment promptly for correctness and concealed damage. Customers shall advise Seller of discrepancies within 48 hours and shall indicate each item being rejected and the reason(s) for rejection. All items not accepted shall be returned to Starin Marketing in the original factory boxes and materials and in the same condition as each item was received. Any item not returned within ten days of the notification of rejection shall be deemed accepted by the Buyer.
  2. Product returned to Starin Marketing without prior return authorization will be subject to rejection. Product returned opened (not factory sealed) will be subject to a 15% refurbishing fee.


DOA Product (Dead On Arrival)

  1. If a product is found to be defective within the first seven (7) days after delivery receipt, the product may be returned for an equal exchange. In most cases "trouble shooting" is required before a return authorization will be issued.
  2. If any portion of the original packaging and/or accessories is missing, the return may be denied or a 15% refurbishing fee may be charged at the discretion of Starin Marketing. 
  3. Merchandise returned without return authorization, COD and/or freight Collect shipments will be refused.
  4. It is the sole responsibility of the shipper to ensure that returned items are properly packaged to arrive undamaged. 
  5. All returns are subject to inspection and testing. Product found to not be defective may be returned to customer and no credit will be issued.


Warranty Defect

  1. All defects covered under a manufacturer’s warranty should be handled directly with the warranty issuer according to the manufacturers policy. 

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