Advanced Network Devices

As a leading maker of IP-based endpoint devices for mass notification systems, Advanced Network Devices sets the standard for quality, reliability, and performance. Their PoE displays and speakers provide information and critical visual and audio communication, including paging, intercom, messaging, bells, and critical alerts, integrating with phones and security systems to keep everyone in a facility safe and informed. A wide range of facilities throughout the US, Canada, and international locales have installed their all-in-one solution in markets from education, healthcare, and government, to corporate and industrial. As an engineering-centric company specializing in audio and video technology as relates to networking, notification, and security, their innovations help set the standard and others follow.


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Revolutionizing Communication: Advanced Network Devices' HD IP Display Solutions

Advanced Network Devices' HD IP display devices offer cutting-edge solutions for visual communication needs in modern networks. Equipped with high-definition LCD screens, these devices deliver crystal-clear imagery, ensuring optimal visual clarity for for maps, logos, alerts, and key communications during weather, security, and other critical events..

Strengthening School Safety: Vigilar GSD Gunshot Detection Technology by Advanced Network Devices

In today's era, prioritizing the safety of students and staff in educational settings is imperative.

Advancing School Safety: Alyssa's Law Compliance with Advanced Network Devices

Alyssa's Law is a crucial piece of legislation aimed at enhancing school safety in the United States. Named after Alyssa Alhadeff, one of the victims of the tragic Parkland school shooting in 2018, the law focuses on expediting emergency response procedures in schools.

Town Hall Advanced Network Devices

Learn about Advanced Network Devices best-in-class IP endpoints and sophisticated network products for use in mass notification systems that are used in education, healthcare, government, corporate, and industrial applications. Find out about AND's rich engineering pool, and world-class audio and video technology, especially those relating to networking, notification, and security.

Lock Down School Safety With a Single Click

In today’s world, school safety is a top priority for school educators and administrators. You can never have too many safeguards when it comes to protecting your children.