Lock Down School Safety With a Single Click

In today’s world, school safety is a top priority for school educators and administrators. You can never have too many safeguards when it comes to protecting your children. Advanced Network Devices has introduced the Smart IP Button (IPBTN) which is a Power over Ethernet (PoE) device that connects to existing data networks. The purpose of this  SIP-enabled device is to trigger a notification for added school safety.

As the smallest IP button in the industry, the device easily mounts under a table, desk, or in any discrete location. Allowing educators to make a call to a preset phone or extension number in case of an emergency.

The video below shows the benefits of AND’s IPBTN button and how it improves school and workplace safety.

Safety Applications

The IPBTN device provides a simple and effective way to send signals or notification over the network, helpful in any industry with facilities in need of mass notification functionality:

  • School Safety / Education
  • HealthcareBanking / Corporate
  • Manufacturing / Industrial
  • Distribution / Transportation
  • Government / Municipal


  • Built-In Web Server
  • Simple setup via the web interface or configuration file
  • Use existing data networks
  • Compatible with IPClockWise and other third-party software
  • SIP-enabled
  • HTTP support
  • Configurable remotely
  • Field upgradable
  • Easy Installation
  • Requires PoE CAT 5 connection to the network (up to 300 ft)
  • Dimensions (including mounting points) 4.25” W x 1” H x 2.25” D
Download IPBTN Datasheet

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