Neat designs simple and elegant pioneering video devices for Microsoft and Zoom, helping make the meeting space experience the best it can be.

Continuously pushing boundaries, Neat devices are incredibly easy to install, set up, and use and have unique features to support a safer, more enhanced, and engaging hybrid working and learning environment going forward.

Advanced smart room sensor technology enables you to monitor air quality and people counting for healthier, lower-cost rooms. At the same time, crystal clear audio and video mean you can always precisely see and hear everyone, no matter where or how they position themselves in the room.

Bringing you the future of video today, Neat bridges the gap between in-room and remote participants like never before by individually auto framing each person in the room and presenting them equally up close on remote participants' screens. This capability gives you, your colleagues, or students the truest sense yet of being physically all together in the same room.

Neat was founded in Oslo, Norway, by a team of creative mavericks that, for decades, have shaped game-changing innovations for some of the world's most recognized video communications brands.


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Neat Just Got a Whole Lot Neater

Boy has Neat been busy releasing our latest software update. Here’s a roundup of all the new innovations you can enjoy.

Town Hall July 27, 2023: Neat

Starin meets with Neat to learn about their history along with a live product demo and a Q&A. Hosted by Chris Neto from Starin with Matt Brungardt and Brian Dunat of Neat.

Why choose Neat for your customers?

In today's rapidly evolving workplaces, collaborating means more than just meetings in fixed spaces. Yet, many video offerings on the market don't effectively cater to modern office environments. This is where Neat steps in. Neat is a Norwegian video technology company providing a complete portfolio of pioneering devices that address any space in today's modern workplace.

Town Hall October 20, 2022: Neat

Starin discusses the latest & greatest with Neat. Learn about the history of Neat, get an in-depth look at some products, and have your questions answered in a live Q&A. Hosted by Joe Dunbar from Starin with Brian Dunat and Nic Burton of Neat.

PRESS RELEASE: Starin, a Midwich Group company, to bring Neat to the distribution channel

Starin is excited to add Neat to its ‘best in class’ offering of Unified Communications hardware - joining Logitech, Poly, DTEN, LG and others with Zoom and Microsoft Teams support, Neat will help solidify Starin’s position as a global leader in UC hardware solutions space