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  • Creating Meeting Equity for Hybrid work with Smart Gallery on DTEN D7

    On 01 Mar 2022
    The switch to working from home has educated all of us in how effective Zoom video meetings can be in sustaining creativity and productivity across hybrid teams. It provided a way for us to see, hear and interact with each other.
  • Meet DTEN ONboard, Purpose-built for Zoom Advanced Whiteboard

    On 01 Mar 2022
    The new DTEN ONboard is the first collaboration and digital whiteboard display purpose-built for the new Zoom Advanced Whiteboard. The 55″ DTEN ONboard allows equal access to its digital display for both in-office and remote users, promoting greater participation and optimizing inclusion. Read on to find out why the DTEN ONboard is reinventing the way we utilize our hybrid meeting spaces.
  • Town Hall July 14, 2022: DTEN

    On 14 Jul 2022
    See the latest from DTEN
  • Town Hall January 26, 2023: DTEN

    On 30 Jan 2023
    Starin meets with DTEN to talk about upcoming products, partner programs, and a live Q&A. Hosted by Chris Neto from Starin with Tom Shaw, Eileen Tongur, and David Silberstein of DTEN.
  • DTEN announces D7X Microsoft certification

    On 18 Apr 2023
    With certification, the DTEN D7X now is a Teams Rooms on Android solution, enabling Teams customers to take advantage of DTEN’s flagship products and Microsoft Teams’ collaboration platform and features used by millions of people worldwide.
  • DTEN’s D7 Brings Home Two Prestigious Awards in 2019

    On 09 Jul 2019
    This year at InfoComm 2019 DTEN received top honors for the D7. The D7 was honored with the Future Best Of Show Award, presented by Sound & Video Contractor. Starin nominated DTEN and the D7 for the award with good reason. Because the D7 provides a Zoom certified all-in-one solution for Zoom Rooms. The ease of use, return on investment and market relevance help the D7 standout. The Future Best Of Show Award specifically selects products demonstrating these criteria, and Starin knew it would be a winner.
  • DTEN D7 Defines Zoom Rooms

    On 14 May 2019
    DTEN's D7, the complete solution that optimizes the Zoom Rooms experience. So DTEN is now at the heart of the Zoom ecosystem.
  • Town Hall November 2021: Featuring: DTEN

    On 18 Nov 2021
    Starin's November Town Hall featured host Chris Neto, Business Marketing Manager at Starin along with Susan McDougal, Channel Account Manager and David Silberstein, Eastern Region CAM at DTEN. Learn about DTEN collaboration solutions like the Go, Go + Mate, and more.
  • Zoom Smart Gallery on DTEN D7

    On 01 Mar 2022
    Available today on the DTEN D7, Smart Gallery is a Zoom Rooms feature that uses cutting-edge AI to create individual video feeds of in-room participants, giving remote participants a clearer view of their in-room counterparts.
  • Town Hall March 2019: DTEN D7

    On 13 Mar 2019
    Town Hall DTEN D7
  • Town Hall February 2022: Featuring Zoom Headquarters Tour

    On 10 Feb 2022
    Starin and Zoom virtual live tour of Zoom's corporate headquarters with hosts Malissa Dillman from Starin and Mark Barragan from Zoom.
  • PRESS RELEASE: DTEN Announces Intention to Certify Devices for Microsoft Teams

    On 12 Oct 2022
    DTEN, a leading provider of video-first, touch-enabled conferencing solutions, announces its intention to pursue Certified for Microsoft Teams designation on its most-popular collaboration devices. Certification for Microsoft Teams will help DTEN to meet the fast-growing demand for high-quality, immersive video conferencing resources worldwide, including more than 270 million Microsoft Teams users.
  • Microsoft approved! DTEN D7X & MATE PoE are Microsoft certified

    On 17 Oct 2023
    DTEN is delighted to announce that the DTEN Mate PoE Controller is now Microsoft Teams Certified! Designed for use with the DTEN D7X Android Edition (also Microsoft Teams certified), the DTEN Mate completes the in-meeting experience for Microsoft Teams Rooms users with professional and convenient room controls at the tabletop.
  • DTEN D7X Dual 75"

    On 26 Oct 2023
    See how the DTEN D7X Dual 75" is a complete solution for more immersive video meeting sessions.
  • DTEN Vue Pro

    On 26 Oct 2023
    DTEN Vue Pro is a set of professional 4K cameras cleverly designed to capture in-room participants at eye level.
  • Town Hall August 25, 2023: DTEN

    On 25 Aug 2023
    Starin meets with DTEN to talk about new products with a live Q&A. Hosted by Chris Neto from Starin with David Silberstein of DTEN.