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  • Town Hall February 23, 2023: LG

    On 25 May 2023
    Starin talks with LG about their product portfolio, plans for 2023, and a live Q&A. Hosted by Chris Neto from Starin with Kerry Linda Martin and Sarah Williamson of LG.
  • Town Hall September 2021: Featuring LG

    On 30 Sep 2021
    Town Hall September 2021: Featuring LG
  • Town Hall February 2022: Featuring Zoom Headquarters Tour

    On 10 Feb 2022
    Starin and Zoom virtual live tour of Zoom's corporate headquarters with hosts Malissa Dillman from Starin and Mark Barragan from Zoom.
  • Genius full-room bundles with Lenovo, Inogeni, LG and Kramer

    On 15 Aug 2023
    Together, Lenovo and INOGENI, offer a seamless video conference experience where all attendees are captivated and productive. Lenovo Core Kits make it easy to incorporate smarter collaboration technology into meeting rooms of all sizes, while INOGENI’s TOGGLE BYOD USB AV switcher grants anyone in that meeting room access to high-quality USB devices. Match that with Kramer VP-429H2 Automatic Video Switcher/Scaler, and the LG 55" UR640S Series 4K UHD Commercial Signage TV, and you've got a genius full-room bundle!
  • Experience heightened control and efficiency with LG's Command and Control products

    On 19 Mar 2024
    Introducing LG's comprehensive Command and Control solutions, designed to optimize operational efficiency and streamline management processes. The innovative solutions empower organizations with intuitive control interfaces, seamless integration capabilities, and advanced features tailored to meet diverse operational needs.
  • The AV Exchange May 16, 2024: LG

    On 16 May 2024
    In this broadcast of "The AV Exchange," we talk with LG about government & EDU solutions, digital signage, projectors, and more with a live Q&A and a gift card giveaway! Hosted by Joe Dunbar from Starin with Kerry Linda Martin and Sarah Williamson of LG.