Poly empowers businesses to evolve beyond the limitations of physical space, so that teams can work as one, wherever in the world they may be. No one can afford to miss a good idea—and that means the technology that brings us together must be inclusive: People-focused video. Distraction-free audio. Intuitive, frictionless, effortless. Supported by exceptional software, service, and analytics. We're here so your business can be everywhere.


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The Journey to Hybrid Working: Twelve Considerations

As the world of work shifts on its axis, Poly is working with the research team at Worktech on a rolling program to create new thinking, define the main challenges and explore emerging opportunities around hybrid working. We would encourage our partners and customers to become involved in this work. The picture is changing quickly and in bringing people, spaces and technology together to form a new corporate landscape for hybrid work, there is much to discover.

The Journey to Hybrid Working: Six Things for U.S. Companies to Consider

More than two years on from the start of the global pandemic, the developing story around the future of work is all about hybrid. After an initial phase of speculation and conjecture about what hybrid working might look like — and some early experiments with mixed results — organizations are now getting down to serious strategy work to make hybrid happen as a long-term option, none more so than in the United States.

Town Hall October 27, 2022: Poly

Join us for live product demonstrations of Poly's acoustic and camera innovations, and have your questions answered in a live Q&A. Hosted by Chris Neto from Starin with Elizabeth Petillo and Albert Campbell of Poly.

A Reset for Return to the Office? The Journey to Hybrid Working

One of the most important pieces in the puzzle that is hybrid work is the return to office (RTO). Without bringing people back to the workplace in a timely and significant way, even if office attendance forms a new pattern without precedent before the global pandemic, a successful hybrid working model has no basis to develop. It could fail with a workforce that can only be described as remote.

Town Hall August 2021: Featuring Poly

Chris Neto from Starin joined our partner, Poly for our Town Hall series. Watch as Poly gives you a glimpse of what they have to offer you and your customers