The Journey to Hybrid Working: Twelve Considerations

As the world of work shifts on its axis, Poly is working with the research team at Worktech on a rolling program to create new thinking, define the main challenges and explore emerging opportunities around hybrid working. We would encourage our partners and customers to become involved in this work. The picture is changing quickly and in bringing people, spaces and technology together to form a new corporate landscape for hybrid work, there is much to discover.

In this scene-setting whitepaper, we trace the contours of this emerging landscape through an examination of twelve key things that companies will need to consider on the journey to hybrid working. Hybrid is a complex new model which constitutes a fundamental challenge to how we will work in the future. This paper charts some of the pivotal decision points and dichotomies that employers will face en route to making a successful transition. Many of the issues and themes raised here will be addressed in subsequent phases of our collaboration with Worktech as we seek to provide answers to the questions about hybrid working that everyone is talking about right now.

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