RDL is the world's premier manufacturer of high-quality audio, video and control modules. The concept of APPLICATION-SPECIFIC MODULES was first introduced by RDL more than twenty years ago... a concept promoting unsurpassed value and performance. A concept that has attained widespread popularity and is a proven success in many thousands of facilities around the world. As the inventor of APPLICATION-SPECIFIC MODULES, RDL continues to lead the industry with solutions to specific problems as well as building blocks of quality system designs. RDL is on the cutting edge in product performance, fully robotic high-volume manufacturing and technical application advice from a dedicated customer service staff. RDL stands ready with the resources and the commitment to assist with any need, from the simplest solution to the most complex installation.

APPLICATION-SPECIFIC MODULES perform a particular electronic function or do a specific job. Audio and video functions are broken down so a module does one job. Certain modules mix, others preamplify or amplify, others detect, others control, and others distribute. A module is provided for each function and type of signal. Modules can work together or stand independently.

The advantages of designing with RDL modules are versatility, performance, and value.