Live U is the worldwide leader in live IP video technology, delivering end-to-end contribution, production, and distribution solutions.

  • Inventor & patent holder of “live video over bonded cellular networks”  
  • LiveU Reliable Transport (LRT™) technology for delivering highest quality content over non-guaranteed networks
  • Award-winning, hardware-based 4K HEVC encoding technology
  • First Multi-Camera production-level field unit over native 5G
  • A wide range of cloud-based remote production solutions
  • Next-generation cloud video management platform


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LiveU Core Products Comparison

LiveU offers both portable field units and rackmount encoders, each catering to distinct needs and scenarios in the field of live video broadcasting. Let's delve into the differences between these two.

Welcome to the LiveU EcoSystem

See the LiveU EcoSystem in action, demonstrating the flexibility of different production workflows, which can be adapted to your changing business needs. Explore LiveU’s range of interoperable IP-video solutions, from contribution and production all the way to distribution. With LRT™ at its core, the LiveU EcoSystem puts you in control!