Littlite... the name is synonymous with high-quality gooseneck task lights. For over thirty years they have been producing, refining and improving their task light system to meet the needs of users all over the world.

In its early years, founder Jim Fackert often added work lights to audio consoles. Because the work lights available at that time were either too bulky or fragile, he designed his own. As people saw the new lamps on the consoles, interest escalated to the point that the Littlite division was born. Today, the simple-yet-elegant Littlites have become the standard work lamps of numerous industries, and are found around the globe in film and television studios, radio stations, dance clubs, live venues, emergency vehicles, medical and assembly equipment, and everywhere else task lamps are needed.

Why Littlite?  4 Good Reasons

SELECTION - over 300 configurations ideal for permanent mounting, temporary lighting, portable lighting and any place an adjustable light, compact light, flexible light, gooseneck work light or task light is required.

QUALITY Our products are designed and built in the USA. We use sturdy metal components in the critical areas of our products. Our LED products provide the best performance in a small, robust package and are unmatched in light output, color temperature, energy efficiency, and versatility.

VERSATILITY - Littlite products aren't just for sound and lighting consoles. Our selection of lamp sets and mounting accessories enables our products to be used anywhere a task light is required.

WARRANTY / VALUE  Our limited lifetime warranty gives our products a real value. Many of the lights we made 30 years ago are still in use and still under warranty. We do not make disposable products!