Datapath & Starin - outfitting the expanding Video Wall market The video wall market has traditionally consisted of operation control centers, command centers, and large signage applications. There has been an inherent expense and complication for customers to have wall solutions implemented. There are now significant trends that show the wider proliferation of large format display scenarios emerging at lower costs. What does this mean to you as an integrator? A profit center to serve customers with your skills! Starin & Datapath have transferred Datapath's tradition of "Excellence by Design" into easy to install and manage deliverable systems for Signage, Op Centers and now the new MontageTM collaborative interactive large digital canvass or pixelscape for idea walls, multi-source non-linear presentations, and other innovative meeting functions. Datapath Limited is a world-leading innovator in the field of computer graphics and video wall display technology. You will find Datapath technology inside a surprising majority of brand name video wall offers from the display manufacturers. At this is a turning point, Datapath is going from being known for what's under the hood to becoming a more apparent utility. Join the Datapath movement. Founded in 1982, well over 200 man-years experience has been invested in product design, consultancy, and project development. As the foundational engine to managing content display on multiple display devices arrayed to show a complete impression, Datapath is large enough to undertake substantial projects but small enough to offer an unrivaled level of service and support with Starin. The matrix of these robust Wall processors can handle one main screen or a set of numerous screen locations. The Wall Designer software makes content display configuration easy. Starin training will assist you in delivering a quality-assured application for customers. While Datapath maintains a direct relationship with the existing integrators who do the very large scale projects, Starin will serve those very integrators with the MontageTM unique new collaborative wall solution, while also offering new integrators wishing to expand their portfolio, a new video wall profit center. Starin's guidance in a go-to-market plan will give integrators marketability and support. MontageTM Collaborative Pixelscape Wall is a trademark of Starin Marketing Inc.