BirdDog is an Australian company started in 2016 with a simple mission – to bring high quality products to market that solve workflow problems and reduce the complexity of equipment required. BirdDog developed embedded NDI® hardware and implemented it into a range of high definition and 4K broadcast video converters, robotic pan-tilt-zoom cameras, and a suite of software products to tie end-to-end workflows together.

Making IP video a reality for you...
NDI harnesses the power of Software, Computers, and Networks to make video creation and sharing accessible and fun for millions, helping fuel the software defined visual storytelling revolution. NDI makes video a standard part of every computer network, from common IT implementations to mobile environments and has changed the picture- giving everyone access to easy-to-use, high-quality video using the equipment they have today.


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BirdDog Cloud Core Endpoint 9.6 Update

Embrace the Future of Remote Video Production with BirdDog Cloud.

Starin, a Midwich Group company, pens deal with BirdDog to expand distribution across the USA

Starin is pleased to announce a distribution partnership with BirdDog Australia Pty Ltd to make all BirdDog products available to Starin channel partners across the USA. BirdDog is an Australian-based manufacturer of PTZ cameras, world-leading video encoders decoders, and software applications.

Town Hall March 2021: Featuring BirdDog

Hosted by Chris Neto, Market Development Manager at Starin and our special guests Don Riegle, Vice President of Sales - Americas and Jon Knutson, Global Support Product Manager from BirdDog. On today's town hall we learn about Birddog's products. We also discuss what makes NDI video simple and how NDI moves live digital media around with your existing software applications, computing devices, and networks using what your customers already have. For more information on BirdDog please visit