Partnering with SMART and Starin

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Lead the pack with a global brand

When you lead with SMART, you are backed by a trusted brand well known by educators and businesses worldwide.

  • 1 in 2 classrooms across North America and 1 in 3 around the world* choose SMART interactive displays
  • Over 3 Million SMART Boards have been deployed with over 65 Million users globally
  • Over 30 years in interactive technology

Offer your customers education, business and government solutions that push the limits of digital collaboration

  • Over 100 software developers
  • Over 80 technical & channel support functions



At SMART we ensure our partners feel confident selling products from a provider who strongly invests in research. A manufacturer close to the source, informed and evolving with customer reviews and feedback. Rest assured when you sell SMART, you’re selling solutions that truly meet the needs of customers and will ensure customer success and satisfaction for all.

  • Dedicated channel enablement team
  • 80+ technical and channel support functions
  • Channel support phone and email resource
  • 250+ how to videos


SMART partner benefits

The SMART Partner Program delivers all the support you need to succeed at selling SMART. Backed by a team who have a vested interest in your success, the program is built around helping you.

  • Drive growth and generate leads with marketing support
  • Increase sales with sales programs and support
  • Partner and collaborate with SMART through business planning and engagement
  • Build knowledge and enable growth with sales tools and professional development resources

The SMART Partner Program exists to support you - big picture and in your day-to-day dealings. Leveraging the program, you will quickly upskill, grow your expertise, and access all the tools needed to successfully sell SMART.

You’ll be rewarded with benefits that truly make a difference to your business, based on creativity and integrity, we know that the program benefits are differentiators for our channel partners.

For more information, email [email protected] or call 800.846.5606

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