FLOW - Media Asset Management

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FLOW is a media asset management platform that supports and manages all media content, whether located on-premise, in the cloud, or as a hybrid implementation.

FLOW provides a powerful production media asset management (PAM) platform for creative control of all files during the production process including 4K and remote editorial workflows. FLOW will tag, organize, and manage your media, improving efficiency and multiplying productivity. FLOW Automation adds the ability to automate complex and repetitive workflow tasks including transcoding and QC. With AirFLOW and FLOW Story, it is possible to remotely access, edit and package media on your shared storage system, increasing the opportunities for creative development outside the boundaries of your facility.

The FLOW platform includes server-based modules as well as Mac OS X, Windows, and web client applications to create a complete palette of production tools. From ingest to archive, let FLOW manage your workflow and set your media free.

The FLOW PAM toolset includes:

  • FLOW Panel for Adobe Premiere Pro and DaVinci Resolve. FLOW provides a portal between two worlds. On one side is enterprise-level media management and on the other is the creative world of editing and post production. The two different specialties each have an essential job and the combined solution provides a seamless workflow.

  • FLOW Story is designed for fast turnaround environments such as New Media, News and Sports, providing journalists and content creation teams the ability to quickly edit and package content for finishing, or delivery to social media channels. 

  • AirFLOW brings all the media sharing capabilities of FLOW to secure multi-team, multi-location productions. The simple and intuitive web-based interface lets collaborators located anywhere in the world search, log, organize and play media content – as well as upload and download content directly to and from EditShare central storage systems.

  • FLOW Automation adds an additional layer of intelligence to your FLOW media management system. Automation can orchestrate workflows and remove human repetitive tasks like copying, moving, deleting, transcoding and organizing projects or media spaces. Simple or complex processes can be triggered at regular times of day or week or based on user actions. Automation also provides an on ramp to the cloud.